When Is the Legal Age to Work in Canada

When it comes to the legal working age in Ontario, the rules for most industries are fairly straightforward. And as long as you follow your industry`s guidelines and ensure that workers under the age of 16 are not employed during school hours, you will be in full compliance with Ontario`s labour laws. "Last week, my son Jeremy told me he had a job. His friend`s older brother works in construction and he has offered both jobs. Jeremy just turned 15 and the idea of him working in construction makes me nervous. I guess the employer needs my permission to hire Jeremy. I decided to say no, at least for now. If you run a business that employs a lot of young people, you need to know the legal age to work in Ontario. While most people will tell you that the legal age to work in the province is 14, this is not true for all industries and workplaces. – In Nova Scotia, the restrictions for youth under the age of 14 are similar to those in New Brunswick, i.e. working for an industrial business, forestry, etc., and also apply to youth under the age of 16. The legal age limit for working in Canada is regulated by numerous laws. This legal provision applies to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals wishing to work in Canada.

They are intended to promote education by prioritizing the education and well-being of young people before they are allowed to accept employment with a Canadian employer. Prince Edward is one of the Eastern Maritime provinces of Canada. The Prince Edward Province`s employment rule allows youth under the age of 16 to work only if they can meet certain conditions. Such a condition includes that; The legal age to work depends on provincial regulations. Of course, these rules contain some exceptions. Nevertheless, these rules apply to both foreign nationals and indigenous minor children. The following table presents the regional regulations. However, I may have omitted some of the exceptions. Since there is no general minimum age for work in all workplaces in Ontario, it is not surprising that there has been some confusion among employers. To help you navigate this tricky part of Ontario`s labour laws, we`ve created a quick guide to the legal working age in Ontario.

In this guide, we cover: There are certain health and safety requirements that an employer must meet when hiring an employee under the age of 25. For example, employers must ensure that young workers receive appropriate training and orientation before starting a new job. For more information, visit the WorkSafeBC website. As mentioned above, age restrictions apply to all minor children. In addition, a foreign national requires a permit to work in Canada. Therefore, a foreign minor child can only work if he or she has a valid work permit. Unfortunately, unlike post-secondary students, minor children cannot use their study permit to work. The work permit process for minor children is the same as for other foreigners. Click on one of the following links for more information: – In Manitoba, youth under the age of 16 can also work under certain conditions: obtain permission from the Director of Labour Standards, not work for a company where the Director believes their safety, health or well-being may be at risk, and not hold a job, When a large part of the cleaning consists of a modification, repair or maintenance is carried out with machines.

A written consent is a letter or document usually prepared by the parent or guardian to inform the employer of their decision to have their child work in Canada. Written consent must be included; Regulations under the OHSA set the minimum age for admission to employment for certain sectors. For most types of work, the minimum age to work in Ontario is 14. Like any other employee in the province, these young workers are entitled to minimum wage (although the rate varies for some students under 18), vacation pay and up to three days of job-protected unpaid sick leave per calendar year. This Canadian province has rules similar to those of New Brunswick regarding young people who want to work in the province. It allows young people under the age of 14 to work. However, the Province of Nova Scotia does not allow children under the age of 14 or 16 to work in a forestry industry, industrial environment, etc.